Ms. Dunn's History Class

Red Alert

Progress RED Alert

Over the last couple of weeks, your student received a kmail from me about their history progress.

Students should be using the history plan set in place to make progress in their course and be on target with their peers.

All students have the opportunity to use our history help packets to review content, study and prepare for the unit assessments. After reviewing the help packet, students can jump directly to the unit review and unit assessments. Once the units are mastered- students should kmail me and I remove the remaining lessons in the unit.

Help packets can be found here.

Class Connect Sessions for HELP

  • Monday- Catch Up at 2:30, History On Demand Office Hour at 3:00
  • Thursday- Catch Up at 10:00

*Students are expected to attend our regular Tuesday and Wednesday sessions for support as well*

Below is our weekly schedule. showing where students should be in the course.

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Study Island

Study Island is a required piece of MVCA and the history course.

Student receive points for completing Study Island topics.

All Social Studies/History Study Island topics have been assigned. Students are expected to have them all completed by the end of May.

We will be have a Study Island celebration with the other history classes.

Log into Study Island to access these assignments.