Viking Ships

The viking longships can move and turn more quickly than others. The ships could carry 25 tons of cargo across the ocean. Master ship builders used oak, pine, and birch trees to make ships. They were also shallow, so they could go far up rivers and right up on to beaches.

Viking Families

Boys and girls learned to fight. Most men were farmers, fishermen, or craftsmen. Boys 15 or younger could go on raids. At 15 girls could get married.

Viking Traders

The Vikings used their ships to take trade goods along the rivers into Russia. The Vikings took dried fish to England and the rest to Europe to trade for wood, which they needed for houses and boats.

Where Did The Vikings Come From?

The vikings came from Scandinavia which includes : Sweden, Norway, and Denmark. Some lived in valleys, forests,or mountains. They raided, traded, and settled in many lands. Some of the places they raided were thousands of miles away.

Why Did The Vikings Come To America?

Vikings were running out of good farmland at home. The vikings came to America because they needed more land to grow crops.

Why Did The Vikings Age End?

The Viking age ended about 900 years ago. As Europe changed and christianity overtook old viking beliefs. Also, many vikings made new homes in the lands that they settled in.