Gilded Age Activity


Vaudeville is a type of entertainment that was extremely popular back in the early 20 first century. Its a mixture of specialty acts like burlesque comedy, music, and dance!


  • Vaudeville has been around since the 1830's but it didn't become popular until the late 1880's. Its popularity sparked for two reasons: to seek the more calm middle-class, and to sort of adopt Frances' sophistication. (which seemed to go along with the era.) Some believe Vaudeville means "Voice of the City".
  • Most bill's begun with a dumb act so patrons that would be running late could find their seats without interrupting important dialogue. The three stoges and the Marx brothers launched their careers through vaudeville.
  • Slang terms that originated during the vaudeville time that are still used today include, "small time, "big time", "lime light", and "flop", which are now used in American dictionaries.