Do You Think Terrorism is bad?

Here is some knowledge on this topic

What is Terrorism?

  • It is a word with many definitions, some legal and some political. It has been used to describe many crimes. In a sense, terrorism is the use of violence to further a political or social cause. Individual people and organizations that use violence to achieve their political goals are called "terrorists" when they aim their attacks at civilians who are not directly involved in shaping government policy (¨What Is Terrorism..¨)

How often does Terrorism happen in the United States?

  • There were 380 global terrorist attacks against the United States. The two most common U.S. targets of global terrorism were businesses (26.6 %) and diplomatic offices (16.6%). The most used method of attack against the United States for global terrorists is bombings (68.3 %) (¨Department Of Homeland..¨).

These were some of the worst attacks in the United States

Terrorism Is Bad And It Needs To Be stopped

Why Terrorism is Bad and How Can It Be Resolved?

First of all, It's just not human. Humanity is compassion, a human should have compassion for themselves and others around them. Most people are terrorists or choose to kill because they feel like something needs to be justified. The question is why is violence bad? Violence is not the way to handle things, as they say ¨The Pen Is Better Than The sword¨. Terrorism could possibly be resolved if people would have more self-control over violence. But another thing we could do is to defend our freedom and not feel pain for punishing terrorists. We need peace in our country and violence needs to stop (Fiala, Andrew..).

My Input on Terrorism

I think that Terrorism is a very bad thing. I was thinking about it and I was asking myself if I would ever consider being a terrorist. Of course the answer is no, because why would you ever need or want to. I mean it's America the land of the free. I don't get why people aim their weapons on innocent people who literally did not do anything. I also thought about why these people do what they do. It is beyond me, that's all im going to say.

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