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Mrs. Myerson's Classroom News - Week of May 16th

A Note from Mrs. Myerson

We have TWO more lessons in our Journeys Reading curriculum left! That will take us to the end of May, and the rest of the year will be review and assessment in Reading. We are also starting our 9th and final unit in Math. This week in Science, we will have our friends from Rutgers University Haskin Shellfish Research Lab come visit our students and educate them on the importance of Oyster Restoration. We will be painting and bagging oyster shells to drop in the bay! For this shell bagging activity on Friday, we are asking for parents to send in an old t-shirt and sneakers (that you won't mind getting dirty) with your child so their clothes don't get ruined.

This week will begin our final Reading Level assessments to determine overal student progress in Reading. I look forward to meeting with students one on one to assess their reading levels and to see just how far they have come! We are getting ready for 2nd grade!

Finally,if you have not done so, please sign and return the Cape May Zoo field trip permission slips! The trip will be held on Friday, May 27th!

This Week

Theme: Life Science: Gardens
Essential Question: How can you take care of a garden?

Spelling Words: far, arm, yard, art, jar, bar, barn, bark, card, yum
Sight Words: few, window, shall, night, noise, world, loudly, story

Phonics: words with r-controlled vowel -ar and -or

Reading: Story Structure (characters, settin and events), Analyze and Evaluate text, Reading informational text, Asking and answering questions about a text

Vocabulary: Prefixes

Writing: Poetry

Grammar: Subject Pronouns

Math: Number grid patterns and puzzles, Adding and subtracting 10s, Problem Solving

Science: Plants and Project Ports Oyster Restoration event

Weekly Assessments

All Week

Running Records (Reading Level assessment)


Sentence Dictation Assessment


Spelling Test

Vocabulary Test

Important Reminders

Box Tops: Each month the PTO will be sending home a Box Tops collection paper. Please tape or glue the box tops to the page and send in to school. *If no paper is available, just send in the box tops in a bag* The class who collects the most Box Tops each month gets an ice cream treat, and at the end of the year gets a Pizza Party!

Important Dates and Events

Mennies Spirit Day!

Friday, May 20th, 9am

361 East Grant Avenue

Vineland, NJ

Wear your favorite Mennies Spirit Shirt with appropriate uniform bottoms.

Meet Mrs. Myerson!

I am a wife, and a "mommy" to my lab-pit, Chance. I love to read, dance, sing, be creative, organize, decorate, and spend time with my family and friends! I am an 8th year teacher in Vineland, and truly passionate about my job! Making learning fun for my students and sparking their curiosity is what I'm all about.