Okanagan Explosion: final task

Father Pandosy By Lizz Klimm


The Fur Bridges trail passed through the Okanagan in 1847. FatherPandosy left his mothers house in France and went to North America in 1847 as well, when he was only 24. He was baptized in a first nations church, in the Yakama's tribe, so he could preach to higher verity of people. Soon, the settlers and the Yakama tribe had a war and fought to the death. Pandosy then left the states because he was threatened by the war in 1858 and came to BC in Canada. Father Pandosy established a new mission in the Okanagan Valley. Pandosy and his wife used the Fur Bridges trail to come to the Okanagan. He was accompanied by Cyprienne and Theodore Laurence, who were French- Canadian brothers involved in the Fur Trade. Pandosy went off trail and on to the Fur Bridge Trail and arrived in the Okanagan in the fall of 1859 and found a good place to settle, known as Mission Creak. His land was cosed in 1902 and sold to Kelowna and Orchard company. His land was sold multiple times, again in 1947. Father Pandosy died on February 6th 1891 trying to return home from a preach in Keremoes.


The importance in these dates and events were they were stepping stones on Father Pandosy's accomplishments. Told us how he did stuff and when he did it. It has some reasoning why he did some stuff and answers many questions that may not be answered when you read it some where else. It puts all the important key facts about his life and almost cherishes them. These dates also help us know some background information not fully into Father Pandosy's story.

Role of the Okanagan Fur Bridge Trail in the development of this category: Missionaries

The role of the Okanagan Fur Bridge Trail towards the missionaries was first to get settlers into the Okanagan and once people started living there people started to need little things like spices and other stuff that are found else where. People found this route very reliable and safe so they continually used it to transport goods.

Early European Profile: Father Pandosy

Early History

Father Pandosy was born with the name of John Felix Adolph Pandosy which obviously shorten through out the years. He lived with his mother, who was a wealthy land owner in Marseille, France. He preached in France and soon the Catholic Church, in North America asked France if they had any priests to send over. They sent over him and a small group of Oblates people that soon started to call him Father Charles Marie Pandosy OMI. He started his journey in North America.

Reasons for settlement in the Okanagan Valley:

There were many reasons for Father Pandosy's settlement in the Okanagan Valley. Him and his wife were looking for settlement after they were declined of settlement in the Yakama's tribe. They found a trail which was the Okanagan Fur Bridge trail and found the mission in Kelowna and settled there because of there was good fertile soil, large variety of land and water near by. It was hot but also rained often so that was very good for farming.

Early Accompishments

Father Pandosy didn't have many early accomplishment from known of his age, 24. He was very young when he came to North America and was still very young when he came to the Okanagan Valley. An accomplishment people would say was that he made a relationship with the Yakima Tribe and their leader Kamiakan which apparently was tough to do. Another accomplishment Father Pandosy had was he didn't just establish the non-native settlement in the Okanagan Valley but he also established several other settlements but two missions that stand out were the Conception and St. Joseph Mission's.

Accompishments in Okanagan Valley:

Father Pandosy had many accomplishments. All around, Father Pandosy was a very friendly person and always put other people before himself. He helped many people which is alone, is a great accomplishment. He preached for people and was very connected to the Catholic Church. His main accomplishment in the Okanagan Valley was creating the first non-native settlement and making it a very popular place to live and visit.

Legacy Today

How his named lived on, is an easy question. Pandosy's land and home was turned into a designated BC heritage site, because his property had been sold numeral times and has so much history latched onto it. It has been rescued and restored after a many of years. Pandosy has a street named after him which is in the mission and you can drive by his heritage site. People remember Father Pandosy because of these amazing acheivements but also because he made the first non-native settlement in the Okanagan Valley which helped build the community in Kelowna today.

What was the impact of the early Eurpeans on the growth and development of the Okanagan Valley

Early Europeans had a huge impact on the growth and development on the Okanagan Valley. Father Pandosy to me, I believe, had one of the biggest impacts on the valley and helped expand the population of people living there. He had desire for new settlement and hand the heart to make something big. The Okanagan Valley used to be very small with very few people, now the Okanagan has about 300 000 people approximately. Father Pandosy has a huge impact on the groth of the population. He established the first non-native settlement, here, in Kelowna. It brought more Europeans to settle here. He advertised the Okanagan and was always complimenting its features. People came and started using some of its resources like the fertile soil, fresh water sources ad the sun. People made a living here, in the Okanagan. The expansion on the Okanagan came slowly but it was all because of the early Europeans crave to have wealth and the intrest to explore new things.

Intresting Facts

Some interesting facts that I found fascinating and had some interest in were, that Father Pandosy died coming back home in the middle of winter from Keremeos at 67 years old and died in Penticton. He didn't yet make it home but was berried in front of his church.

Second interesting fact, Father Pandosy was known as the Peace-Maker and defender of justice. He was also known as having a wonderful voice and singing in the church and to the children.