Corrupted Faith

By Natalie Fowler

Church vs. Faith

The church's faith no longer remains. Money over souls is what it has become. They do not care about the well being of us, only the well being of themselves! Don't fall victim to their selfishness any longer. They "give away" the key to the gateway of heaven regardless of who it is. They would let a murderer go to heaven if they had the power to! Follow me and together we can all restore the truth Catholic Faith.

Money over soul

True Salvation

We must earn our way into heaven through good deeds and salvation. No amount of money, gold, or silver will truly get you into heaven. We have to live for our lord and savior and he will reward us with a great trip to heaven. The church has led people to believe that you can simply buy your way to salvation. Do not fall victim to the selfish, greedy acts of these "religious" leaders.
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