Snow Day

I hope that you and your family has had a wonderful time playing in the snow. I can not wait to see pictures and hear stories. Haley, Grayson, and I actually made ice cream from the snow on our back porch. It was delicious.

The students will be doing a writing assignment about what they did during our snow break. Please email me a picture of your child in the snow that I can print and put with their writing.

Yes! We did sneak out and play Monday

Registration Deadline

I am so excited about our preparations for next year and I hope that you are making plans for your child to be apart of the 2014-2015 Peachtree school year as well.

Please do not forget that your registration fee of $130 for the 2014-2015 school year is due by February 1st.

The fee increases to $175 if paid after the first.

Please send in your tuition contract and a check for $130. Each child that returns their form and money by the 2/1/14 will receive a free HW pass. YEAH!


If you have not purchased a yearbook for your child the deadline is February 8th.

The cost is $20.00

A hand full of books will be purchased to sell once the books arrive. Those will be sold on a first come basis and will cost $48.00

Can't Wait To See You :)