World Religions: Buddhism

Learn Religios Tolerance

Most Important Belief

The most important belief in Buddhism is the eightfold path or the middle way.

Why do Buddhists believe that?

They believe that because it helps them avoid sensual pleasures to the extreme such as Greed, Fear, Anger, Hatred, or jealousy.

What makes belivers belive in the Buddha's teachings?

When Buddha was alive he said that there is a way to end suffering and that is to follow the eightfold path. If his followers follow the eightfold path they will be sent to Nirvana where only peace and happiness lies there.

How do extrimests treat non belivers?

As you might already know, there are extremists in every religion. In Buddhism there are extremists. The extremists treat the non believers by burning down houses, and killing people.
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Buddhist Current Event

In my current event I chose the Buddhist monks rampage. In Sri Lanka, Buddhist monks go on a rampage killing Muslims and burning down their homes. This current event had a negative effect on the Buddhist followers of the religion.

Buddhist Art

For my Buddhist art I chose the sculpture named Buddha made somewhere around 618-906 made by the tang dynasty in Ancient China. This is important because it shows Buddha as an enlightened one.
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Buddhist Song

For my song I chose Birth of Buddha.
The lyrics are:
In the ancient land
A child is born
once in a land long ago
and the gods and the men
so they said
Homage to the lord.
They relate to Buddhism because they remind people of Buddhas birth and teachings.