Somalia's Zombie Outbreak

By: Taylor Muff, Halle Bright, Cody James, and Kayla Roat

What's Happening?

Somalia is going through an outbreak. We have been given the task of containing the outbreak by the United Nations. This is our plan of action.

Our Way of Informing the People

We will give/ask all of our soldiers to make some kind of noise in order to draw people's attention. Once we do we will gather people together and inform them.

The Wall

We will build a cement wall in order to block the zombies on one side of the country while we carry on the opposite side. If you develop symptoms, you will be taken to the hospital, if you only get worse and become too far gone eventually be put on the other side of the wall.


You are required to have a check-up before boarding any mode of transportation. You are also required to have a weekly check-up. Somalians are welcoming to foreigners and before anyone is allowed to enter Somalia, they must have a check-up. Anyone with symptoms revealed during their check-up will be immediately isolated. Somalian women do not cover their faces such as Muslims do although they have the same culture/values. We have a church set up in each city because they pray five times a day and there is no reason to take that away from them.

Supplies and Medical Location

In order to keep the people from wanting to invade or troops, offices, ect. We have arsenals set up in every city. Any weapons/supplies not given to the people will be stored in the military camp in order to protect it. That way the people feel they have the ability to protect themselves and won't protest or create civil unrest. To gain food we are going to fish since we are right next to the water.

Depending on how sick you are there are hospitals located in every city and one in the middle [of nowhere]. If you are located to the hospital in the middle and still can't be cured or are declared to far gone, you will be dropped on the opposite side of the wall.

Where are Our Troops Set Up?

We will deploy troops in every city and on the wall. We plan to have small cubes cut out in order for the troops to stick their guns through.

When Zombies Get Too Close...

All people who are too far gone are dropped/moved to the opposite side of the wall. Any zombie who gets too close will be shot(see map)