Training Tuesday

March 22, 2016

Teaching Teachers

In her Edutopia Blog post about becoming a mentor, Shira Loewenstein notes that "Teaching is a craft -- an art form -- that needs to be practiced and perfected... You have spent the past few years learning from your mistakes, reflecting on your practice, and perhaps now you are ready to help someone else....Ultimately, the students need skilled teachers guiding them. As a skilled and proficient educator, you can't teach all of them every year, but you can teach their teachers. You can ensure that the teacher next door is thinking about his practice in a thoughtful manner. You can say with confidence that you know your kids will be going on to a reflective teacher -- if you are part of their teacher's education."

Many of you have expressed an interest in differentiated professional learning as well as opportunities to learn from your peers. As a growing practitioner of education, you have valuable strategies and skills to share. In the last Training Tuesday you learned about the redesign for our District Inservice day for next August. This redesign has been planned specifically to allow for you to sharestrategies that lead to student success. The Clay Connected Conference is a venue for you to share yourpractices with other educators, and learn from peers what is working in classrooms just like yours. Your experience is valuable and can play a role is shaping the lives of many students in the district.

So please consider sharing your teaching practices and your strategies for student success by submitting a proposal to...

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