Family and General Practitioners

By: Carlos R


Family and General Practitioners are Physicians who diagnose, treat, and help prevent diseases and injuries that commonly occur in the general population. May refer patients to specialists when needed for further diagnosis or treatment.

Daily Tasks

They have to prescribe medication for people to treat their illness .

They have to analyze the result of their previou patients like if they had a blood test or any type of test.

They have to stay updated with how their patients are feeling to know what to give or do to them.

They deliver babies.

They coordinate with nurses and social workers.

Experience / Skills you need.

You need to have graduate from high school and college or university with a medical field. The skills you need to be good at is critical thinking, active listening , and decision making.


This job will always be needed because people will always need medical help so no matter what there will always be opening. People can find this job in hospitals or doctors and their average yearly salary is $171,680 in IL.


"It's very flexible as regards time. For example, I have decided to work a four-day week. If I wanted to I could take a pay cut and take less, or work more and get more money. I like the fact that you have a set amount of work to get through for the day, so your day is finished when you go home and there's nothing hanging over you". i think i would like this job because it has a flexiable schedual so thats good because i don't want a overwhelming job.

How to get prepared for the future.

Good courses to take at Leyden would be Medical careers and Human development because there two courses have to do with the human body and that what i would be working with. A club that would also benefit me would be speech club because it can help interact with other people. It would help me out in the future to get a job if i vollentured at a hospital or small clinic because that means i would some what know what to do. I do plan to go to a 4 year university or college to prepare my self.