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Week of December 1, 2014

Bloom's Taxonomy: As explained through Harry Potter

Bloom's Taxonomy feat Harry Potter.m4v

Quote of the Week

“Wherever I see people doing something the way it’s always been done, the way it’s ‘supposed’ to be done, following the same old trends, well, that’s just a big red flag to me to go look somewhere else.” -Mark Cuban

What's Important This Week

There are a couple of Apps that I want you to be aware of. YikYak is one that has been out for a while, long enough that the creators have taken steps to ensure it cannot be used on school grounds. I can tell you though that I have seen high schoolers, students from Collin College and even a child who claimed to attend my own kids' elementary school on YikYak. After School is another that is similar but is new and doesn't have any protective measures in place. Both of these apps are appealing to kids because they post anonymously whatever they want, making them an ideal place to launch a cyber-bullying attack. Here is an article about After School that came out just yesterday. Keep an ear out and look for teachable moments when you hear kids talking about these apps. Please do NOT ask students about them or introduce students to them!

Tips of the Week- Using YouTube

The following tips come from http://www.teachthought.com/technology/teaching-with-video-9-tips-teaching-youtube/

1. Look for shorter videos

2. Check out the YouTube Education Channel -- https://www.youtube.com/education

3. Watch the whole video before showing in class

4. Search channels rather than the entire site

5. Find videos to complement lessons, not the other way around

6. Have a way for students to “engage” the content on paper while watching. (Don’t just stare and watch the video. Do something with it!)

7. Assess #6

8. Consider a breadth of video content–music, video game trailers and gameplay, mini-documentaries, even seemingly whimsical content

9. Download the videos if the site is blocked in your district

10. Consider using viewpure.com to strip the ads away.

Tool of the Week- Kaizena

Kaizena is an add on for Google docs that allows for all sorts of cool feedback options. Leave voice comments. Editors can reply to each other's feedback through text or voice.

You can even have a threaded discussion using comments and you can rate comments. There are already some foreign language teachers using this in Frisco to respond to prompts in preparation for their AP exams.

Geekly Challenge

The zombie winners were Sherry Myers from CTE and Ann Henkles from VMS. Great zombification, guys! Thanks to all who participated! Your prize is on it's way!

This week's challenge:

Use the Tool of the week to add a comment to this document by Winter Break! It is a challenge, so I am not providing instructions. Like most online tools these days, you can find video tutorials online and it kind of acts like a wizard, so if you read your screen prompts you should be fine! Start by opening the document and clicking on Add-ons at the top. Then choose Get Add-ons and search for Kaizena!

Teacher Spotlight-

7th grade ILA did a project recently using the Comic Me app on the ipads. Students used the app to illustrate myths they wrote themselves. When using a comic style app, students must take a story and tell it in an unusual way. There isn't room for lengthy prose, so students must select the content that is most important to the telling of their story. Even the process of retelling a known story in comic format is a task that requires higher level thinking. Here are a few examples of student projects from this assignment. In these cases students drew the pictures and then photographed them to get them onto the ipad, but you could also take pictures of people or figurines to tell your story in this app. We also have another app that has pre-made backgrounds and characters that students can use to create comics.