The Year Of The Hangman

By Gary Blackwood

Primary setting

New Orleans


Main Conflict

The main conflict of The Year of the Hangman is Creighton's internal struggle with deciding who he's loyal too, the evil people he was born into and trained to be loyal too, or the people who seem to be the good guys.


Creighton Is Kidnapped

After a night of gambling and drinking with his friends Creighton makes his way home only to be kidnapped and taken aboard the Amity which brings him to the Colonies where his Uncle tells him his mother had him taken there as discipline for his behavior. This event is important to the conflict because the betrayal of his mother shakes his loyalty to the british

Benedict Arnold takes over the ship

After setting sail once again, the Amity passes by what appears to be a ship in distress, but is actually a trap set by American rebels. Soon after the Amity is boarded Creighton and his uncle meet Peter and Benedict Arnold, and Creighton is forced pretend that he is an indentured servant so that he can spy on the rebels. This event is important to the story because it first introduces him to the americans

Ben Franklin Dies

After releasing and being betrayed by his uncle, Creighton regains strength enough to work more with Dr. Franklin just before he wakes up one night to realize the printing shop was on fire. After sending Sophie to go get help and trying, and failing, to apprehend the two Indians who had started the fire, he starts to assist Franklin with getting the types out of the shop, which are very important to him, in the middle of doing this the roof collapsed on Franklin and Creighton blacked out. When he woke up he was told that Dr. Franklin had died and that the Indians were actually dressed up British soldiers sent by Creighton's uncle. This event is important to the conflict because Benjamin Franklin was a seemingly good person and it was just insult to injury knowing that he caused it by releasing Colonel Gower who betrayed him anyway, which makes him decide to side with the Americans.

Colonel Gower Dies

After Invading the British territory, Benedict Arnold is accused of being a spy by Colonel Gower to which Benedict replies by challenging him to a duel. After Creighton tries, and fails, to stop the duel. Benedict tries to fire at Colonel Gower but his gun malfunctions which gives Gower time to shoot him. Just when It seems like Benedict is going to be killed, he pulls out his own gun and shoots Gower dead, But not before he tells them the whereabouts of who they assume to be George Washington. They later realize that Gower sabotaged the gun Benedict was using. This event is important to the conflict because it shows how ruthless Colonel Gower can be after he's already betrayed Creighton and killed his friend Ben Franklin, this reassures Creighton of his decision to side with the Americans.

Creighton's father is found

When they arrive at the prison where Colonel Gower told them to go before his death, they reach the cell only to realize that it isn't George Washington in it, It is Creighton's father, Harry Brown. They are then locked in realizing it was a trap. While trapped Creighton realizes that his father is very sick of Malaria. After escaping he is healed and the story ends with him in good health. This Event Is important to the conflict because It shows how Creighton is now strongly loyal to the american rebel cause.