The Beauty of Bordeaux

One of the best places to visit in France!

Places and Activities in Bordeaux-

A gorgeous city built on and along the River Garonne leading into the Atlantic, Bordeaux is a major port, filled with amazing shopping opportunities, splendid architecture, historical sites, and a wide-range of fine art. The center of Bordeaux features more than 350 historic structures and landmarks that include ancient churches and bridges, such as the Ponte de Pierre. There are also many outstanding plazas, however, the considered most beautiful is the Place de la Bourse with it's stunning mirror-like affect. Despite all of these landmarks, a visit to Bordeaux is not finished without exploring the beautiful wine country surrounding the city. There, you can admire picturesque villages, vineyards and chateaux.
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Places to stay-

InterContinental Bordeaux Le Grand Hotel: Unfortunately, this hotel is extremely pricey, being at $262 a night. Although, you get what you pay for. This hotel is ranked at #1 for hotels in Bordeaux, and has a five star rating for its elegance.

Le Boutique Hotel: Another expensive hotel at the price of $338 a night. This hotel is ranked at #2 and is said to have great staff, be impeccably clean, and well located.

Hotel de Seze: Ranked at #3, this hotel is $278, plus an extra $32 for taxes and fees. Despite this, Hotel de Seze's value is easily made up for with beautiful sights and an old-school smoking room.