Sleep Walking and Sleep Apnea

Shra Sampson, Michael Norman, Jordan Craver

Sleep Walking

Is a condition in which a person is asleep walk around and performs activities but is not in a waking state. Sleep walking does not occur while dreaming, since muscles are usually paralyzed during REM sleep. Sleep walking is not genrally possible while not sleeping. When any episode of sleep walking occurs, and individual stares blankly and does not respond to communication.

Sleep Apnea

When a person stops breathing during sleep and the their breathing stops for about 10-40 seconds and usually followed by storting and waking up. Over weight men are most likely to be affected by apnea. The process is repeated aas many as 400 times during a nights sleep. People with sleep apnea have no clue that they suffer from this condition. Sleep apnea can be treated.

Pictures of sleep walking and sleep apnea