Seed Drill: The New Face of Farming

A recent technology revolutionizes the way of farming!

The Mind Behind The Works

Jethro Tull, an agriculturist born in Basildon, England on March 30, 1674, did not want to have crops unevenly planted in his field. He decided to fix that. A device that was named the seed drill, was made not only to evenly plant seeds but make rows and plant many seeds much faster than a human could.

What was wrong with hand farming?

Farming by hand was not a very good choice. The seeds that were planted by farmers were usually eaten by birds because the seeds were not planted very deep into the soil. The seed drill would plant the seeds into the soil deeper so it's harder for animals to get at them or other things messing up the growth of the crops. Usually when a farmer planted the seeds they would not plant them evenly into rows and it might have effected the growth of the crop as well.

It's good... But why does it matter?

This invention helps farmers plant seeds more accurately. It also increased productivity and more profit for farmers.

Where, who, and how can i buy this?

Company: CornDawgs Co.

Cost: $150.50

Location: Farming stores around Europe

Recommended for: Farmers

CornDawgs Co. is located in: Basildon, England

Slogan: Just Drill It.


"I thought I couldn't plant seeds faster! I was also going to have to get my meter stick out because the dang seeds were uneven! I love this machine it is very affordable."