SAC Newsletter!

October 8, 2015

AGATE Testing- Materials Return

Just as a reminder, the testing window for the AGATE Universal Screener (Naglieri) ends October 30, 2015. We need to have all test booklets back to our office no later than November 6, 2015 in order to score the assessments. If you do finish testing before this date, please bring your completed test booklets to our office at ESC 1 Ste 112 and Andrea will be happy to accept them.

ACT ASPIRE and ACUITY: Helpful Tips from the Field for the Next Assessment Window

We have gotten through the first assessment windows for both ACT Aspire and for Acuity. We have learned a lot during this assessment window and here are some suggestions to help the next testing window go a bit more smoothly.

All: Use the training materials on the Division of Accountability and Research website as a resource! There are links to all of the training power points, instructional videos for both assessments and a link to all of our newsletters. If there is something you would like on our webpage that currently is not there (help sheets, links, training materials, etc.), please let us know.

ACT Aspire:

Make sure all of your teachers who are administering the assessment have previewed the teacher directions prior to the assessment and read directions to the students when prompted to do so.

Make sure your technology is working prior to the first assessment day.

Have a "Plan B" if for some reason you are unable to test on a planned day.

Make sure your students are scheduled in test sessions.

If a student can not log in and you have double checked the student's authorization ticket, you can reset the student's password. If this still does not work, please call Susan Collins at x 28288


Preview the assessment prior to administering the test to students.

Review the teacher directions prior to testing.

Have a "Plan B" if for some reason you are unable to test on a planned day.

Preview Class Rosters for accuracy prior to testing.

If a student can not log in and you are not able to log in as the student, call Susan Collins at x 28288.

Kimberly Patten- District Assessment Coordinator