Wanted: Bubonic Plague

Yersinia pestis

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Bubonic Plague Pathogen


  • The bubonic plague attacks the lymphatic system of the body, which is a major component of the human body's immune system.
  • There are three different forms of this plague, Bubonic, Pneumonic, and Septicemic.
  • This pathogen is transmitted from the fleas of infected rats.


  • Bubonic plague can infect a variety of organisms including rock squirrels, wood rats, ground squirrels, prairie dogs, chipmunks, mice, voles, rabbits, and humans. Occasionally other species can become infected, causing an outbreak among animals.
  • Bubonic plague can infect anybody



  • Chills, fever, general ill feeling, headache, muscle pain, seizures
  • Painful lymph gland swelling

Hide Out

  • Can be found in the lymph nodes of the body
  • The bubonic plague is most known for its killing of approximately one-third of Europe's population. The bubonic plague was and is found in China, Western Asia, Europe, England, Southwestern United States
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Mortality Rate
  • Treated Individuals: 1-15%
  • Non-treated Individuals: 50%
Ways to Defend Against the Disease
  • Avoid dead animals
  • Eliminate nesting areas for rodents around your house
  • Use insect repellent with DEET
  • Protect pets from fleas and rodents
  • No active vaccine
  • Treated with antibiotics (Gentamicin, Doxycycline, Ciprofloxacin)

Gavin Keough

26 April 2015

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