All About Magnets

Lexy Noble,Meli Dogic,Yoko Kemem

Properties Of Magnets

1.Attract iron/materials with iron

2.Attract or repel of a magnet

3.Point north when swing freely

Magnetic poles

Types of poles North pole and South pole

Magnetic force

2 types of force:push or pull

Relate magnetic force to poles : The interaction or repulsion between magnetic poles is magnetic force

Magnetic Fields

1. What are they?

invisable lines that show magnet field, distance between filed lines are strength of magnetic field.

2. How id distance determined?

The distance between magnetic field lines indicate the strength of a magnetic field. A magnet's magnetic line is closest together at the poles.

3. Where are field lines the strongest?

They are Strongest at the poles.

Magnetic Domains

How magnetism is affected by magnetic domains-

In material not magnetize, Atoms point in random directions. In magnet material.

How magnetic domains "look" in magnetic materials-

Lined up in the same direction