Christopher Columbus,

Vasco de Gama, and Magellan

Christopher Columbus

Marco Polo inspired him to set out to Asia.

He made his first voyage in 1492.

It was swept out by the white man bringing diseases to the new land.

Three ships set sail with him: the Pinta, Nina, And Santa Maria.

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Vasco de Gama

He sailed from Europe to India.

He sailed from Brazil to Africa by sailing through Africa's Cape of Good Hope.

De Gama was the first to open a sea-based trade route to India.

170 men started with him.

Only 54 men ending it with him.

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He studied cartography, astronomy, and celstial navigation.

King Charles V financed his voyage.

Magellan was killed along with some of his men while attacking islanders on Mactan Island.

He changed the world by never intending to travel in a circle. He was simply trying to find a shorter route to the Spice Island.

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