The New World Trade Center

By Kyra Grandall

World Trade Center 1

The new world trade center has many interesting pieces to it. First the building is 1776 feet tall which represents the year the country got its independence; this height makes this the tallest building in the US. In the new building there are 104 floors. Floors 100-102 is public space for people to look out at New York. On floor 64 there is a sky deck for the public also. Floors 65-88 and 20-63 are all office space. The rest of the floors are mechanical. At 1,368 feet in the tower will be a glass enclosure to represent the height of the original WTC 1 tower. At 1,362 feet in the tower will be an observation deck to represent the height of WTC 2 tower. The new WTC has a total of 2.6 million square feet of floor space, and the cost to rebuild it was $3.6 billion. That makes the cost of each square foot $1,200!

9/11 Memorial

The 9/11 memorial includes many wonderful monuments. The first piece of the memorial is 2 reflecting pools which lie in the previous places of the WTC towers. Both pools include a 30 foot man made waterfall, and this makes it the largest in the US. These pools individually hold 450,000 gallons of water, and have to be heated in the winter to prevent freezing and refilled in the summer because of evaporation. The last part of the new memorial is the border of the pools which is a bronze plate that has the name of everyone lost in the 9/11 tragedy. This plate has 2,983 names written on it, and includes the people who lost there life in the 1993 attack. At the memorial there has also been 400+ swamp white oak trees planted.

Interesting Facts

  • State of the Art Concrete used to build new WTC
  • More then 45,000 tons of structural steel
  • 71 elevators
  • 5 of which are high speed and can reach the top in 45 seconds
  • Covers 16 acres
  • Estimated 3 million visitors annually
  • New performing arts center on site
  • New state of the art transit hub