Wedding Plan / Analysis

For Jacob Berkowitz and Eshal Mohommad

Marriage of Jacob Berkowitz and Eshal Mohommad

Friday, May 23rd, 5pm

Dome of the Rock, Jerusalem



5:00 PM- Check-in and arrivals

5:30 PM- Ceremony (by an Rabbi, both religions are male-dominated)

6:00 PM- Vows

6:15 - 7:30 PM- Dinner

Jacob Berkowitz

Born on June 7th, 1985, Jacob was a Jewish soldier in the Israeli Army.

Eshal Mohommad

Born on April 12th, 1987, Eshal was an oil refinery worker in Palestine.

How did they meet?

The couple met when Jacob's tank broke down and only Eshal was able to fix it. They instantly fell in love.


All guests are required to have I.D.s with them and check-in before the ceremony. A local security team will provide protection and will serve as a valet, as well as escorting guests to their cars.

Possible Scenarios and Solutions

  • Argument- In the event of an argument between families, both sides will have a chance to voice their opinion. This could originate from the fact that the wedding occurred in an area that both regard as sacred ground that each religion views as their own.
  • Anti-Muslim Threats- Jacob's uncle and aunt are distrusting of Muslims and may make generalizations that all Muslims are terrorists. If this is the case, they will be warned to stop as these accusations are

Border Conflict

  • Both sides see Jerusalem as a holy city
  • Palestine is committed to the destruction of Israel (Wikipedia)
  • Israel has a very strong military that has defeated others in the past

Religious Differences

  • Jews believe that Islam is simply an extension of Judaism
  • Muslims believe that Jesus was a prophet, but his message was corrupted.
  • Jews believe that Jesus is not relevant to Judaism
  • All Muslims believe in an afterlife
  • Some Jews believe in an afterlife, some don't
  • Muslims believe in the second coming, Jews do not
  • Muslim women must be covered, Jewish women do not need to be
  • Islam covers most of the Middle East
  • Judaism is centered in Israel