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standards and benchmarks for grades 9 - 12


The following standards are just two of the many standards and benchmarks that are related to physical education for grades 9 - 12.

Standard: Demonstrate competency in many, and proficiency in a few, movement forms from a variety of categories. Specifically, skills that are related to extreme sports, aquatics, cardio-respiratory workouts, and warm up/cool down exercises are highlighted.For more information on this standard, click here.

Standard: Participate regularly in physical activity. Specifically, health-related components, stress management, and community opportunities are highlighted. For more information on this standard, click here.

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"When done right, PE can improve health, increase brain mass, reduce the likelihood of childhood-onset diabetes and teen depression, boost neurogenesis, and provide a host of other benefits. I know of no other subject or discipline that can make those claims. Choosing to keep a physical education program is choosing well with the brain in mind."

(Jensen, 2005, p. 6) Jensen, E. (2005). Teaching with the brain in mind (2nd Ed.). Alexandria, VA: ASCD.
Muscular Strength, Endurance, and Flexibility