Missouri River Project

La'Naa Roberts and Angelina Avellino

Missouri River Flood Date 1993

The Missouri River, in North America, flooded from April to October of 1993. Not a time for a happy meal...:(

Flood Size

The flood covered 320,000 square miles of land!!!!! That's about the size of 205,000 acres!!!

Flood control measures that were in place:

Corps of engineers to regulate the releases of water through 850 miles of open rivers from garrison dam in North Dakota to the confluence with the Mississippi River at St.louis.

Facts about Missouri River

~Longest river of the United States.

~The Missouri River was one of the main routes for the westward expansion of the U.S. During the 19th century.

~Missouri river basin was extensively developed for irrigation, flood control and the generation of hydroelectric power

How long did it take water to recede?

It took from April 1 to August 31

Rivers involved

Redwood river and Kansas river