Killer Whales

Help Save the Killer Whales


The Killer Whales are indangered. Humans keep putting them in captivity and that is killing them slowly. Killer Whales that are in the wild live up to 50 years of age but when they are in captivity they live up to 20-30 years. They are lucky if they live longer then that in captivity.

Where do KIller Whales Live?

Killer whales live in oceans in South America, North America,

What Killer Whales Look like

Why Should We Save KIller Whales?

We should save Killer Whales because we are killing them shlowly when we shouldnt be. they have every right to live just like us. They dont deserve to die. Killer Whales are also very cute in my opinion and also in other peoples opinion aswell as mine. most people think Killer Whales eat humans when they dont. And if they do it was an accident. One KIller Whales seen a seal at a shore and went to go eat it, there was a human in the way and then another KIller Whals cme and missed the seal and each Killer Whales grabbed an end of the human and tore him in half. That was an accident. people think accidents like that cant happen but they can. KIller Whales dont eat humans on purpose.