new technology

by hyeonsu lee 6B


AlphaGo is a program for playing Go and it is made by google deep mind company. it is continue make it. and recently AlphaGO has a battle with a first in the world Go player who is a 이세돌. and AlphaGo win by 4:1.
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samsung galaxy s7

it is a new type of phone in the Samsung company. it is a beautiful and have a good system so lots of people like it. in this phone there is a game control launcher so it is good for playing game. also for pay can use a Samsung pay also for battery can charge very fast also have lots of memory. also it can be waterproof.
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- it is a watch that apple invent. it can be a i phone remove to watch. it is comfortable and can get a message. and it invent last year 2015. I choose this technology because when I read newspaper there was a news about apple watch