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8 Daily Habits That Will Make 2015 Explosive

Absolutely LOVE these tips and wanted to share them with you...

Many of you may want to ramp up your personal development and productivity to a whole new level to reach some major goals. When it comes to finding success and achieving your goals, many times the most important struggle is the one that you encounter in mundane daily life. To truly find success in your life, it is important that you take the time to do the little things that matter most. Small changes to your daily routine can translate into monumental success in all of your endeavors.

Here are eight things that you should be doing, if you aren’t already, habitually.

1. Get up early

Getting up early is about more than just getting up on time. When you get up early, before most people, you have a quiet and relaxing time to get things done. Imagine being able to sit down and go through emails or handle daily tasks without your message notification buzzing or your phone going off.

By getting up early, you are not only giving yourself some extra time in the morning, but you are giving yourself some extra valuable time that will allow you to get even more done.

2. Read

You should be reading every single day. Never let a day go by that you don’t grow in some area of your life. This doesn’t necessarily mean crushing an entire novel in a few hours, but put aside a little time to read, preferably 20 to 30 minutes.

When you read you help stimulate your thought processes, and may be surprised by the ideas that you come up with. Reading things such as magazines or newspapers can also help you stay abreast of the world around you, a trait that can only be helpful, no matter what industry you work in.

3. Exercise

Even if it is just for 30 minutes, it is important to start exercising daily. Exercise can help release endorphins that can naturally boost your mood and your energy levels. Not only will you feel happier and more energized but those who work out regularly report lower levels of stress.

4. Practice Gratitude

This can be a hard one for some people and it’s something that unfortunately many of us need to consciously practice. When our lives get consumed with work and personal demands it can be hard to remember to show gratitude to those that we interact with. Try to make a conscious effort to practice this.

As it starts to become more natural, you will be surprised by how many doors open and how many new relationship you can form by showing sincere gratitude to those around you.

5. Schedule your day before it starts

Having a set schedule is a powerful tool when it comes to making the most of your day and being as productive as possible. To have the biggest impact with your time, try making your schedule the day before. This way the moment you wake up you will know just what is ahead.

6. Focus on high-priority tasks first

Many people actually often put their high-priority tasks on the backburner and end up saving them until the last minute. This may be because the task is daunting, or because they think they will have more time to dedicate to the endeavor.

No matter what the reasoning is, challenge yourself by starting with focusing on your high-priority task. Get it done first and then focus on smaller things. After being in the mindset of tackling a high-priority project, your less demanding tasks will be easier to complete. It's a small change but one that can improve your effectiveness drastically.

7. Always go the extra mile

Do a few extra (meaningful) tasks every day that go beyond what your actual requirements are. This can mean just a few extra sales calls beyond your quota, or working for an extra 30 minutes before shutting down.

By putting in a little more effort than required you can start getting the attention of your superiors or clients, get more done during the workday and feel a new energizing sense of motivation and satisfaction.

8. Improve in one area each day

This area can be something small or large and it can be in your personal or professional life, but make it a goal to improve in one area of your life every day. This can be improving your jogging speed while you work out, getting more emails done in a certain time period or improving on your elevator pitch.

No matter what it is, take the time to really try to improve one small thing, and before you know it the improvements in your personal and professional life will surprise you.


Promotion Commotion

Leslie Borkenhagen - Our Newest Star Stylist

Congratulation Leslie - You and the Generous Gems are a Star Stylist Team! If you have not read Leslie's story on our Team Facebook page, I wanted to quickly share it again here because it is truly and inspirational story and proof that if you set a goal and work towards it with consistency and tenacity you will achieve it! Sometimes, as with Leslie's situation this in April, it take a a bit more effort than originally thought but it feels so much better in the end to be able to say she never thought about quitting!

Promoting to Star Stylist has been on Leslie's radar for quite some time, however, at the beginning of the month, Leslie wasn't even thinking about her S&D business due to some personal issues. On April 10th when things calmed down a bit, she knew she had to get back in the game and started to get ready for her trunk show on the 11th...until her hostess cancelled. In the back of her mind she kept telling herself April was her month to promote to Star but the universe was telling her otherwise. A second April Trunk Show cancelled and her own for the month was not getting a lot of traction.

Rather than give up even though it seemed like the cards were stacked against her, Leslie decided she had to work that much harder. With her team behind her, rallying until the absolute end, Leslie had promoted to Star Stylist! To quote Leslie, "There is so much gratification in working your butt off for something in midst of challenges and seeing it freaking happen!!"

Sophia Dollar - Our Newest Associate Stylist

Congratulations Sophia! Not only have your promoted to Associate Stylist, but you did it during your Jump Start! For everyone who is still in their Jump Start now OR if you are a stylist who sponsors another stylist, this is exactly how you want to set yourself up for success as a new stylist. Kudos to Sheila Markowitz for being an amazing Coach and Mentor for keeping Sophia and Erin's eyes on the prize...It's never "pushy" to push your stylists towards meeting a goal...just think of it as offering sisterly advice! She can take it if she wants or not...but how would you feel if you knew you left this all on the table?

Sophia's journey as a Stylist began on 3/1. During her first 30 days, Sophia sold to friends and family earning herself the Quick Start bonus of $100 plus she racked up another $220 in Jump Start Credits - totaling just over $300 in free product credits in 30 days. The next 30 days entailed more selling through in home and online trunk shows and Sophia decided it would be more fun with a friend so she brought along Erin who became a stylist on 4/1. Erin, who is as equally amazing and smart as Sophia, got started right away working her business and hit her Quick Start and Jump Start in her first 30 days of being a Stylist. Not only does Erin earn herself over $200 in free product, but Sophia just earned herself a Sponsoring Bonus of $300.

Sophia's 60 days journey doesn't end here however. Remember that little promotion to Associate Stylist I mentioned earlier? Because Sophia and Erin were sharing the style so much in April, Sophia had the opportunity to double promote from Lead to Associate Stylist. Together with their amazing Coach and Mentor the 2 sold over $3000 in April and Sophia earned another $500 in free product!!! (And guess what? There is free product flying all over the place! Because Sheila is such an amazing coach and mentor, she just earned herself $500 in Product Credits as well!)

In summary, Sophia's joy and genuine excitement for sharing Stella & Dot with her friends and family earned her over $1300 in free product credit and she is not done yet...on the last day of the month Sophia sponsored her friend Michele. Because Michele has such an amazing Upline I have no doubt that she will Jump Start qualify as did Sophia and Erin which will earn Sophia another Sponsoring Bonus of $300 in products credits.

If the numbers have you all confused, the moral of the story here is this - whether you are a brand new stylist or you are coaching a new stylist the recipe for success is Book 4 and bring along a friend (or 2) during your first 30-60 days as a stylist! You also have a Jump Start Report in your Stylist Lounge that highlights everything I mentioned above!

Straight From the Leader Dashboard - You've all Made a Name for Yourselves!

Our Top 10 and those who Qualified for the Month with $500 or more in Retail Sales!

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Congratulations to all the stylists this month whether you sold one necklace or 100! And congrats to all our brand new stylists who launched strong this month - Jump Start Stylists indicated with an asterisk *.

1 Joelly Belman 6,981

2 Crista Oehler 5,003

3 Leslie Borkenhagen 4,041

4 Sheila Markowitz 4,005

5 Kimsey Cavitt Logue 3,128

6 May Garcia 3,071

7 Rene Kauder 3,063

8 Sarah Obenour 2,839

9 Pamela Wimmer 2,817

10 Sophia Dollar 2,035*

11 Mary Gies 1,770

12 Caitlin Akhtar 1,743*

13 Gillian Powell 1,677

14 Precious Crabtree 1,590

15 Kisha Brown-Richards 1,171

16 Christina Bennett 1,093

17 Sherry Gowarty 1,044

18 Erin Stattel 1,029*

19 Jennifer Judge 990

20 Megan Kelly 923

21 Sarah Ridley 899*

22 Heather Connors 804

23 Jennifer Pezzuto 781

24 Korina Bautista 769*

25 Mary Pomponi 728*

26 Su Ji Chung 633

27 Christine Schroyer 626

28 Ashley Green 582

29 Beth Van Gelder 545

30 Michele Panczyszyn 539

31 Jill Knerr 516

32 Sara Muehleisen 514

Welcome To All Our New Stylists!

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Welcome to May and to your Shine Bright incentive! This month you have the chance to earn a Stylist exclusive! Reach 1,500 PQV by the end of the month and you’ll earn our exclusive Sparkle & Shine T-shirt! As a special perk, those attending Hoopla will be able to rock their t-shirts first by wearing them on our closing day!

This month is your only chance to get your hands on this style so for the next 5 days, we’ll help you start strong with some Shine Bright Kick Start Tips! Check your inbox now everyday through Tuesday for your Shine Bright Kick Start Tips!

  • Sell 1,500 PQV in May and earn a Sparkle and Stylist Exclusive T-Shirt!


The month of April has me pumped up and ready to go for a HUGE goal myself. You have all inspired me to reach for the Stars this month - so I am putting this out in our Team Moxie Universe! My BHAG (big hairy audacious goal) this month is to keep us as a Director level team - but I need your help! In order to do this, I need our team to achieve the following:

2300 PQV - This is actually done! Yay!!!
25,000 GQV
12,500 Non-Star GQV
2 Star Legs
4 Qualified Legs
and here is the BIG SCARY ONE...75,000 TQV (that's total team sales all lines. We did this as a team in November but in April we were $18,500 shy).

I am going to do a months worth of incentives for Team Moxie - because literally every sale no matter what the total is will count towards the $75,000. To help keep track and to announce the monthly, weekly, and daily incentive prizes, please join me over on a new incentive Facebook page (if you are not on Facebook but want to be a part of the fun, please email me at stylestatementsbyrene@gmail.com).

Request to join the group here: www.facebook.com/groups/424601277701963. I'll begin to update this shortly!
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*Indicates First timers!

Rene Kauder, Michele Panczyszyn, Pamela Wimmer, Ashley Green*, Christine Schroyer*, Joelly Belman, Crista Oehler*, Jill Knerr*, Mary Gies*, May Garcia*, Leslie Borkenhagen, Precious Crabtree*, Sarah Obenour, Beth Van Gelder*, Gillian Powell*, and Sarah Muehleisen*

What’s all the hype about?

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  • $200+ in FREE product plus giveaways galore
  • Exclusive Fall 2015 Fashion Show
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  • Behind the Design inspiration from your Chief Creative Officer, Blythe Harris
  • Future vision reveals from CEO & Founder, Jessica Herrin
  • Life coaching and inspiration keynote from Chairman, Mike Lohner
  • Game changing coaching from VP of Training, Danielle Redner
  • Celebration and recognition
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