Lizzie McDermid

ABC - the Australian Broadcasting Corporation

ABC is a network spanning across TV, radio and the internet. Founded on July 1st 1932, the network is 81 years old as of this year (2013). According to the official website, "85% of Australians believe the ABC provides a valuable service to the community." The television branch of the ABC consists of several channels which all provide different programs and services.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander programming

The ABC are known for providing indigenous programming and resources, specifically tailored to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander viewers. ABC1 broadcasts a show entitled 'Message Stick', which is described as "a half-hour TV program about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander lifestyles, culture and issues." It features "profile stories, interviews video clips, short films and cooking segments," and it also "provides a slot where special half-hour Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander documentaries can be shown."

ABC online

ABC TV also has its own website which provides viewers with information on upcoming programming, extended details about shows, promotes all the ABC channels and provides a full TV guide as well as a special kids' TV guide. The website offers a newsletter service delivered weekly via email. It contains informations about all of ABC TV's programming, services and links to articles and pages from the official website as well as advertisements for current and upcoming shows. The ABC TV network also has a blog accessible via the official website that provides a quick user-friendly information on upcoming programming, specials, events and articles. It features posts and content from Twitter (@ABCTV), and Facebook.


The ABC is primarily funded by Australia's taxpayers, thereby its funding is controlled by the federal government. It costs taxpayers about $55 each per annum, which equates to 15 cents a daily. This number is an estimated 10% less than in the late 80's. The reduced funding has cost approximately 1000 jobs in the past decade.


ABC's audience consists of a wide range of viewers from many different demographics. The ABC prefers not to use ratings to measure the audience, instead reach is used. Contrary to many other entertainment organisations, the rating system, which is designed to determine the cost of advertising, is replaced by the reach system, which measures how many people within a week switch to the ABC. During peak viewing times the ABC averages about 620,000 viewers, which equates to 14% of peak prime time audience.


Australian Parliament has issued the ABC with a charter of functions under the corporations act. Under this, the ABC must follow functions such as innovative and comprehensive broadcasting, deliver programs outside Australia, and promote the arts. These functions require the ABC to broadcast programs that are Australian and educational, transmit its content to overseas countries, and encourage or promote performing arts within the country.

Overall, the television branch of the ABC is a well-loved and valuable network that provides Australia with quality entertaining and informative programming.