Buckle up and get ready for a snowy expericence

Tundra experince

Intro and Activity's

Have you ever wanted to experience the full beauty of a real snowy region instead of waiting for it to snow at home? Tundra express gives out multiple choices on what to do. From visiting and enjoying the landscape to watching wildlife and for the most fun skiing!


For when it comes to wildlife in the tundra they're are multiple organisms. For plants there are the artic moss and willow. Both can be identified from its white spots surrounding the base. To animal wildlife the most common you can see is the caribou. These are horned beasts and are hunted by other predators. As well as getting a chance to see the artic fox which is hard to spot due to it being surrounded by snow. By chance they're may be a grizzly bear but be warned stay away.

Clothing, Cost, and Transportation

The clothing that you need to wear during your experience is vital if you want to have a good time. The cloths that you need to wear is: Dress in layers just in case it gets hot and you need to cool off. The cost of the trip is nothing more then the train ticket and the cost of the stuff you don't have for backpacking and mountain climbing. The transportation you need is a train or if you want to pay a little more (which no one want s to do) you can take a plane or drive there but spend gas money.

Temperature and Weather

The temperature is mostly cold but if you want to be the bird that gets the worm you have to be aware of the cold weather. For example in the month of july it can reach 60 degrees which is not that bad for some standards.


The best time to go to the tundra is during summer. Due to this you'll experience a lot more during this period of time. Where the tundra is located well basically in Alaska. That's where you'll Alaskan tundra.


Some dangerous elements such as cold temperatures and snow cover should best be precaution. Its best to do this so you'll be more safe because cold temperatures can cause frostbite and snow cover can trap you from reaching a safe area.

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