Kids These Days

A Positive Perspective

Rachael Bradley

I am part of Generation Y. I like myself a lot, but I do not only think of my own needs. This does not make my narcissistic, but self-confident. I am kind and empathetic. I care deeply about others and my relationships with people, and I have a lot of faith in my generation.
Generation Y - Characteristics

Generation Y

is beautiful. More accepting and tolerant than any other before it, it is also the least religious; proof one does not require a god figure to be moral. We are very technologically savvy and spend much of our time communicating with one another. We are not good at being alone, but we are great at expressing ourselves. We view individuality as a positive thing. We are kind and caring, deeply empathetic individuals although we are not so romantic, getting married later and having shorter relationships than previous generations. We are new and different. Difficult for older generations to accept, but this happens with the coming of each new generation.
Millennials or Generation Y, Who They Are and Why The're Hated