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August/September 2017

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Fabulous First Week

This building is transformed by the presence of your children! It’s remarkable the difference a few days make. Drop off is getting smoother, common area procedures are being demonstrated, and the kids are settling in well. There have been smiles and tears, hugs and high fives, sleepy eyes at the end of the day, and lots of learning going on. All in all, it's been an amazing first week!

This first week of school is a learning process for all of us. Below are a few items that will aid in improving the process and its timeliness…

· Arrival: Beginning Monday, all adults will need to check in at the office before proceeding into the building between 7:25 and 3:10. Parents/guardians will be required to present a government issued identification (i.e.- driver’s license).

Dismissal: The first week is slow and tedious but I promise it will be much faster next week. In fact, you should notice significant improvement each day as everyone learns the routine, which lane/line to be in, and staff becomes more familiar with the vehicles. The following small steps will make a huge difference…

o Display the car sign in a manner such that it is visible from a distance so the teacher calling for kids can get them in position before you drive up. Please do not lay your car sign on the dashboard as it isn’t visible to the staff from a distance.

o Do not leave your vehicle while in the traffic flow. Students will be loaded into your car when you reach the loading zone.

o Always use the crosswalk when crossing the driveway

o Parents walking up to get their child must park along the street or lower loop of the driveway (if driving), present the car sign, wait in the designated area, and wait for the student to be released by name.

o Students who are considered walkers cannot be pulled from the walker line until they have crossed the street at General Worth and Dalton. Parents meeting their child to walk home should wait for their student on the north side of Dalton or east side of General Worth.

Our procedures are designed to ensure all six hundred forty students get home safely each day. We appreciate your support in honoring them.

Solar Eclipse

As you are likely aware, our country will experience a special solar eclipse on Monday, August 21,2017. This total solar eclipse is special because it crosses our entire country, but our location will only receive about 75 percent totality.

We recognize that this is a once in a lifetime event, and want to ensure your child is able to safely witness it. After considering a number of factors, with the highest emphasis on student safety, we have determined that our classes will view the eclipse through district approved online sites. We will discuss the solar eclipse and learn about it in a grade-level appropriate manner.

Because the risk of eye damage is great if a person looks directly at the sun, and the temptation to do so during the solar eclipse might be too great for some of our students, we will be having indoor recess between 11:30 and 2:30.

Bette Perot Elementary Severe Weather – Special Instructions Regarding Lightening, Hail, and Heavy Rain at Arrival & Dismissal Time

For the safety of staff and students we will not go outside the building when there is lightning or hail. We will not dismiss until 15 min. after the last sound of thunder or observation of lightning. If we are currently experiencing these types of weather, remaining in the building is the safest place to be. The awnings are effective protection from sun and rain, but they do not protect against lightning and hail.

Releasing 640 students safely during lightning will be a slow process. Please expect delays and help us by being patient with this process. The safety of our students is always our first priority.

Special Severe Weather Instructions:

Arrival- When there is lightning in the area, parents may wait until the weather has cleared or parents may park and walk their child into the building. District staff will not be outside to receive students. Staff members will greet students as early as 7:30 A.M. as they enter the building and we will supervise the students in the cafeteria and gym.

Dismissal- When there is lightning or hail we will not release students out of the building until a parent comes in and escorts them outside. Parents may not wave from the car for their child to be dismissed. Parents may wait until the weather has cleared or parents may park and walk up to the appropriate dismissal location (carrying their pick up sign).

Heavy Rain (NO Lightning or hail) – This process is slow. Thank you for your patience.

  • Walkers and bike riders will be held in the Music Room until the rain subsides or a parent comes to the North doors (by the gym) to pick up their child. Student will be escorted to the car by a teacher.
  • Kinder & 3rd grade will wait in the kindergarten hallway. Parents may walk up to the kindergarten hall doors to pick up their child or come through the car pick up line.
  • 1st grade will wait in the first grade hallway. Parents may walk up to the 1st grade hall doors to pick up their child or come through the car pick up line. Student will be escorted to the car by a teacher.
  • 2nd & 4th grade will wait in the second grade hallway. Parents may walk up to the 2nd grade hall doors to pick up their child or come through the car pick up line. Student will be escorted to the car by a teacher.

In Case of Lightning or Hail -

  • Students and staff will remain indoors when lightning or hail are present. Unless parent comes to the dismissal location, we will not dismiss until 15 min. after the last sound of thunder or observation of lightning.
  • Similar to the heavy rain process, students will be located in the hallways as indicated above. Parents may go to the appropriate dismissal location to request their child (with proper identification or car pick up sign). Students will be released to parent/guardian at that time. Teachers will NOT escort students to cars while we are experiencing lightning or hail.
Severe Weather Rules at BPES

Crosswalk Safety

I'm thrilled to share that we have crossing guards at Heritage Trace and General Worth as well as Dalton and General Worth. Students crossing Heritage Trace should always use the pedestrian beacon and cross with the guard; however, should a guard not be present please ensure your student understands how the beacon works and what to expect.

Things to know:

  • The beacon is pedestrian activated at the control box
  • The beacon will flash for 30 seconds
  • If more than 30 seconds is warranted, an additional beacon at the median can be activated for an additional 30 seconds

Visitor Procedures

Beginning August 21st, we will return to our normal visitor procedures. Please take a moment to review the procedures.

  • Procedures for visitors will apply throughout the entire school day.

  • The north end (cafeteria and gym doors) will only be available to children. Students may enter through these doors between 7:25 and 7:55 but adults must enter through the lobby doors. Adults attempting to enter through the north doors will be redirected to enter through the office.

  • Students will continue to proceed to the cafeteria or gym between 7:25 and 7:45. They may go directly to their classroom between 7:45 and 7:55.

  • Adults will always enter and exit through the office.

  • ALL visitors will be required to enter through the office, provide picture identification, and obtain a visitor sticker/badge before proceeding to any other part of the building. Adults will be asked to leave their picture identification in the office while in the building and pick it back up as they exit the building through the office. This ensures we know who is in the building at all times.

  • Office staff will verify the visitor is a parent, guardian, or approved contact for the student.

Thank you for working with us to ensure the safety and security of our children.

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Warm Welcome from our Bette Perot PTA President

Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year at Bette Perot. PTA has planned another year of great programs and enrichment opportunities for our students and families. We welcome and appreciate your ideas, time, energy and financial support to help make all of our plans a reality! Please consider joining the PTA as an individual or family, you can join online at joinpta.org or our PTA website www.bpespta.org. By visiting the PTA website you can also purchase spirit wear, sign up to volunteer or to be a Watch D.O.G. The PTA website also has important information about great programs such as Running Club and Art Reflections. Stay connected to your PTA by liking our Facebook Page at www.facebook.com/BPESPTA. We are excited to work with you to make 2017-2018 another amazing year!

Parent Online

Lunch Accounts

Please be sure to add funds to your child's lunch account if he/she will be purchasing meals at school. This can be accomplished by sending funds (cash or check) in with your child or linking to Parent Online and loading funds electronically. Through the Parent Online system, you are able to set alerts for a designated low balance in the account, load the account, and track purchases.

Calendar Events

Show your Patriot Pride!

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Dinosaur George and the Paleo Team

September 8, 8:00-9:00 - Preschool Patriots

BPES librarian, Amy Pratt, cordially invites our Pre-K (will be attending kindergarten next year) kiddos to join us for Preschool Patriots. It's a wonderful opportunity for kids and parents to become familiar with our campus and begin to make connections with other future Patriots.

September 14 - Watch D.O.G. kickoff

6:00 in the cafeteria

Curriculum Nights

Join us for Academic Parent Teacher Team (AKA Curriculum) Nights. We respectfully request that children not accompany their parents for Curriculum Night. Thank you!

September 26 at 5:30 - 2nd grade

September 27 at 5:30 - 4th grade

September 28 at 5:30 - 1st grade

September 28 at 6:30 - 3rd grade

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