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There are lots of rivers and mountain ranges in Iran. Here are some mountain ranges: Elburz and Zagros. Here are some rivers: Karan, Karkeh, and Zayandeh. Their used to be lots of wildlife but now there is barely any.


People in Iran like to eat food, here is some food people eat in Iran: Dolma which is grape leaves stuffed with rice, meat, and vegetables and Kebab Morgh which is grilled Skewered chicken with vegetables. In Iran people love rice. They have rice, rice cakes, and rice wine.
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Soccer is the most popular sport in Iran. In Iran they call soccer football. Iranians also play rugby and basketball.

Being Religious

People in Iran are either Muslim or Islam. If you are Muslim than Ramadan is the most important time of year. For a month Muslims do not eat or drink. they hope to cleanse there bodies and mind and remember those who are less fortunate.
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In Iran there are lots of types of transportation like- trains, boats, planes, and cars.
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Iran's Flag