Unsolicited email/messages.

Why is spam so bad?

Spam sometime will cost you, even if you delete it.

  • It will use your bandwidth.
  • It will charge you for a SMS.

Spam takes up your time.

  • You have to sort through your email to delete it.
  • You might open it, and take time to read it/reply.

Spam content might affect your computer.

  • Malware might be connected to the email.
  • It might have a software that collects info on your computer.

How can you avoid Spam?

Spam filters.

  • Spam filters move your spam right into what we call a spam file, so it doesn't go into your inbox for you to see.

Do not reply.

  • If you reply to an email, it gives them a heads up that this is a valid (active) email address. As far as they knew, it wasn't an active account.

One-use email addresses.

  • One-use email addresses are really nice for signing up for accounts, so you don't get all the spam in your account.