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From the Chief School Administrator

WE MADE IT! What a year!!! A year of change, a year a growing, a year of learning, a year of moving onward. We showed the entire state (plus 48 other states and 89 countries that have viewed our website) that a zip code will not determine the kind of education you can receive. I can not begin to tell you how proud I am to see how much has been accomplished here in such little time. What will 2014-15 bring us? Stay tuned. Onward!!! -Jay Eitner, CSA

Classroom News

In Mrs. Gregory's classes...

Writing is all the buzz in schools these days. Our classroom is a hive of activity as we explore the many ways to accomplish the lofty writing goals set forth in the Common Core Standards. Students in my writing classes have been busy bees conveying their experiences in writing by using our classroom blog. Students log on to Kidblog, which can be done via my school website. They write a post on the topic given and when they are finished it comes to my email. At this time I can help them edit it if needed, and then I approve it. After it is approved the post is available for all students to read and make comments on their classmates’ posts. If you stop in my room and students are making a beeline to the chromebooks it is probably because they are excited to write a new post or read some comments from their friends on Kidblog. Now that’s something to buzz about! You can access Kidblog via my school website and see for yourself. Just click on the Kidblog link on the right side of the page and it will take you there. It is restricted so that only students can post, but you are welcome to read their approved posts and comments.

In Miss Alying's Class..

A love for reading has finally flourished for the 8th grade students! After finishing the novel, "The Hunger Games" by Suzanne Collins, 8th grade students were left wondering.. what happens next!? As a result, it only felt right to continue with the 2nd book of the series, "Catching Fire". The last few weeks have been packed with "Catching Fire" activities which include, vocabulary crossword puzzles, identifying figurative language, and of course, deep novel discussion on the anticipated rebellion!

In ALL classes..

Summer Assignments will vary form class to class. Please be sure to check our website and the teacher's website before the last day of school.

Any student that wishes to check out a book(s) over the summer is welcome to do so. Please see Ms. Laws!