Taylor Swift

The best songriter since 2006

Taylor continues to move swiftly in her music career

Although her heart may not have struck her luck, her songs sure are. From Taylor Swift, Fearless, Speak now, and Red albums, her songs are hits to the music world.

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Her most current album is Red

This album is the best yet- within a few days "I knew you were trouble" and "We are never ever getting back together" got top charts in iTunes. Same happened with radio stations, and you can still hear the songs from this CD on the radio. She is a rising star, with each new album she releases.

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Beautiful doesn't describe her enough

Amazing, fantastic, stunning, there is not enough words to describe the lovely masterpiece of Taylor Swift. Her wardrobe is fashionable to, she is always up-to-date on the hottest trends.

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So all in all...

To be clear Taylor Swift is my life, my inspiration, role model, and hope. She guides me through life, as a playlist of songs that run through my mind constantly . And it will stay like that for a very long time.