Evolution Evidence

Jarel, Elliott, Ty, and ray


  • Oldest reptile had mammal like features but don't anymore.
  • Fossils provide the only direct evidence of history of evolution.


  • A human is designed to use tools, pick up, and hold objects.
  • A whale fin needs to be longer to help its movement in water.

Molecular Biologist

  • Biochemistry also reveals similarities organism of different species. giving evidence that these organisms descend form a common ancestor.
  • genetic similar between organism. evidence considered that the organisms probably descended from a common ancestor.


A biogeographer is a person that deals with the geographical distribution of plants and animals.

it deals with animals that are similiar but different in the same way.

Like the black bird and the penguin

The black bird uses his wings to fly but the penguin needs his wings to help swim. The black bird's food is in the air or trees not by water so it doesnt need to swim. But the penguin does because it eats fish and so to get to their prey they need to get to them by swimming.