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Monitoring Imagine Language + Literacy Progress

Administrators and teachers can monitor student progress through the curriculum. The administrator can see aggregated student progress in the Program Level Gains view which indicates the percentage of students working above, on, or below grade level at the beginning of the year and where they are currently. As students progress through the curriculum, the number of students working at or above grade level typically increases.

Teachers can also monitor student performance in the Imagine Language and Literacy curriculum by viewing the Progress by Lesson report. This report shows data at both the group and student levels. Teachers can see progress-by-lesson in literacy, oral vocabulary, and grammar. The Progress by Lesson report shows which lessons students have completed, tested out of, and in which lessons students are currently working. In this report, teachers can also see which lessons the students have passed and which are in remediation.

The information provided in the individual Achievement reports can be used to build Student milestones. Certificates of achievement can be printed directly from the report for display in the classroom, or to be sent home with the student.

Progress Reports

Progress Reports Tutorials

2019-2020 Imagine Your Future Contest

This school year, classrooms and schools will be highlighted in the monthly Miami-Dade Imagine Your Future contest!

At the contest conclusion, we will announce the top students, classrooms, and schools that embodied the Imagine Learning spirit.

Download flyer to view all the possibilities to shoot for the stars this school year!

Imagine Learning Literacy Bowl – October 1 through January 31

It’s time for the second annual Imagine Literacy Bowl that will determine the top literacy school in Imagine Nation! It is going to be an epic battle—school against school—fighting to be the top literacy school in their conference and ultimately going head-to-head in the Imagine Learning Literacy Bowl. Qualification begins October 1. Will your school be named this year’s Imagine Learning Literacy Bowl Champion?

Click below to download the 2019-20 Imagine Langauge and Literacy contest calendar.