Go Green!

Think about the future...

There is too much pollution on earth and that’s very bad for the environment. Many factories and vehicles eject lots of CO2 with a lot of air pollution as consequence, trees are cut down for new houses and we throw away a lot of garbage,…

It could be otherwise! Anyway?

What can WE do?

There are too much cars and they cause a lot of traffic and so: air pollution. That’s very bad for our planet so we need to go more on foot or with the bicycle. We need to recycle more and use things again.

That’s much better for the environment.

And the World?

The factories must do some efforts too; they need to use more “green energy” like some solar panels. We can also build wind parks, that not bad for our planet and it produces energy for lots of people.

A green planet? YES WE CAN!

Jana W. 5HUa