3rd 6-Weeks

PSJA Battle of the Books Round 3 Celebration

PJ Lock-In

Liberty Middle School is proud of the 21 students that completed Round 3 of Battle of the Books. These competitors were invited to a PJ Christmas Lock-In where breakfast and lunch were catered.

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Battle of the Books Competitors

Pharr Memorial Library Invited to Lock In

Ruby Ramirez, the children's assistant, from the Pharr Memorial Library was invited to present at the Battle of the Books Lock In. Ms. Ramirez invited the students to the many reading programs offered by the Pharr Memorial Library. Ruby later asked the students questions. If the students responded correctly they received a book.
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Ruby Ramirez and Book Winners

Battle of the Books Members Welcome Team Discovery

J. Ocana, a Battle of the Books member, enjoyed reading to the students from Team Discovery. Each student from Team Discovery received a beautiful book The Twelve Days of Christmas by Laurel Long and a candy cane. The Lock-In was a success!!
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Team Discovery & Battle of the Books Competitors

Battle of the Books Team and Alternates

We want to congratulate the following students for getting the top scores on the Battle of the Books written test. They will be representing Liberty at the District Battle of the Books competition:

Captain: K Antuna

Team Members: A. Martinez-Alvarez, T. Martinez-Alvarez, & J. Iturrubiates

Alternates: L. Hodges, D. Macias, I. Martinez, & K. Iturrubiates

Series Reader K. & J. Iturrubiates: Kane Chronicles by Rick Riordan

Siblings, K. Iturrubiates and J. Iturrubiates, both relished reading the Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan. They were quite impressed by the author's work. This is why they choose the Kane Chronicles by, no other than Rick Riordan.

If you enjoy Egyptian mythology filled with mythical creatures and treacherous adventures like J. Iturrubiates, The Throne of Fire, is the book for you.

K. Iturrubiates wants everyone to know that if they like books with action, humor, romance and suspense, The Serpent's Shadow, is the perfect book for them.

MackinVia: Students Use Advanced Search Features and Incorporate Their ZPDs

Students learn how to use several features on the "Advanced Search" in MackinVia and incorporate their ZPDs (Zone of Proximal Development). Students were able to read books within their ZPDs and AR test successfully in MackinVia.

Zone of Proximal Development (ZPD) is a range of readability levels from which a student should select books to read. It is a range that is neither too hard nor too easy, within which students can experience optimal growth.

PSJA Reading Laureate Program: The "You" of Reading

Liberty Middle School has a total of 8 Reading Laureate Club Members. D. Fernandez (on the right) has over three million words. GO LITERARY SCHOLARS!!!

Top Row: J. Iturrubiates, K. Iturrubiates, & A. Ochoa

Middle Row: C. Garza, A. Espinoza, & R. Torres

Sitting: M. Dominguez

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‘Field Mice: Memoirs of a Migrant Child’ author, Emma Gonzalez, Receives Accolades

PSJA Librarians were in for a real treat when Emma Gonzalez author of Field Mice went to visit them during their December meeting. Field Mice wins the 2018 Latino Books into Movie Awards category for Family and Kids from the Latino Literacy Now Foundation.

Texas Lone Star Club

Want to be a Lone Star Club Member? Come by the library for more details!! Liberty Middle School has 4 Lone Star Club Members: D. Macias, D. Fernandez, A. Ochoa, and A. Espinoza.
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Texas Lone Star Club Members

BrainPop: Digital Citizenship Corner -- Copyright

Students viewed "Copyright", from the Digital Citizenship videos. Students learn the basics of U.S. Copyright law. Fair use is also mentioned, which allows individuals to utilize copyrighted works without consent. It's a good idea to ask the creator permission to use their copyrighted work.

Curriculum Standards correlated to "digital citizenship"

TX.126.15 (c) (5) (C) — Technology Applications, Grade 7

TX 126.16 (c) (5) (C) --- Technology Applications, Grade 8

A. Ochoa Appreciates Author Tim Tingle's Gesture

Author Tim Tingle sends student, A Ochoa a book, When a Ghost Talks, Listen. Mr. Tingle visited Liberty Middle School during "Teen Read Week". A. Ochoa is grateful with Tim's Gesture.

LMS Circulation & AR Statistics 3rd 6-Weeks

904 books circulated at Liberty

972 eBooks were checked out in MackinVia

6th Grade earned 714.7 AR Points

7th Grade earned 1,441.0 AR Points

8th Grade earned 1,582.8 AR Points

1,636 students logged into MackinVia

2,507 students visited the library the 3rd 6-weeks

1,796 were teacher/student visits & 711 were walk-ins

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