Kevin O'leary

By: Ori Karni and Chase Chavis

info about life

· July 9th 1954

· Went to a university of waterloo in 1970

· Sold soft key software for 4 billion in 1995-1999

· Bought Broderbund his rival 1998

· Co-investor of storage 2003

· Showed up on his first tv show 2009

· Published a book called {cold hard truth} 2011

· Canadian

· Spouse- Linda O’Leary ,married sense 1990

· Net worth is 400 million

· Kevin O'Leary is a Canadian businessman, investor, journalist, writer, financial commentator and television personality known for Shark Tank (2009)

· Middle name is Thomas

· Kevin O’Leary has funded the Future Dragon charity



fun facts


· Ivey Business School Nepean high school

Home land

· Montreal, Canada


· Savannah and Trevor- children

· Shane O'Leary- sibling

Other fun facts

· Home productivity software, garnering annual sales of over $800 million.

· Initially aspiring to become a photographer, O'Leary developed an interest in business and investing at a young age watching his mother invest her weekly paycheck into various stocks and bonds.

· His nickname is Mr. wonderful.

· ] He attended the University of Waterloo in Ontario, obtaining an Honors bachelor's degree and upon receiving his MBA from the University of Western.

· In September 2013, O’Leary launched an exhibit displaying selections from 40 years’ worth of his photography.