Kinglake ANZAC Day Service Festival

Come and help remember them at a fun day for all ages!

Coming up soon our great fun day

come to our great ANZAC memorial and catch up with lots of people and have lots of fun with some games and special food.

Kinglake ANZAC Day Festival

Saturday, April 25th 2015 at 5am

St peters WW1 memorial church corner of Bald Spur Whittlsea - Kinglake Rds, Kinglake

there will be food and games for kids and families to have heaps of fun.

its at the Kinglake war memorial.

time and what is going on throughout the day

on our fun day there will be food for everyone and heaps of games to play. the service will start at 5:30 am and have one minute silence and have the seven gunshots and then the day will continue with the readings of the soldiers letters it will end at 7:00 am