Raquel Montes


All About Me

Born and raised in Portland, Oregon.

I'm 15 and I'm also a sophmore.

I own a bunny which my family decided to name Chico.

I love to dance.

I really enjoyed going to Seattle with my whole family.

Since I might be an early graduate I want to take classes to earn college credits before I get into college, that way I'll be halfway through college.

My favorite subject is science but specially math.

Favorite Stories

Boy in the striped pajamas because it shows that no matter if your rich or poor, good or bad, you can be friends. My other favorite book has always been Room because it shows that even though you are locked up for so long in one place and feel like you should give up its always right to keep strong and not let yourself fall.

Not So Interesting But A Little More To Know

I don't actually have the most interesting hobby but it has always been my favorite. I love playing the violin because it helps me with stress.