U.S. Airforce pilot

Angel Alvarado


This flyer will explain a few reasons of why i want to join the U.S. Airforce, and become a pilot

What is the air force?

The air force helps and protects the underprivileged and the people of the united states including their soldier.


Before joining any military branch you must take the asvab test and pass with a high enough score. then if you pass you go through training for the Bmt which is basic military training. Then you need a bachelors degree and technical training which you will receive in the process of joining. there are many things you must do but it is too much to write in this


Pilots get paid by rank and years of service, beginners get paid very low starting from 35,668. High ranking officers that spent alot of time in the air force can make a max of 237,150 a year, there are also many benefits and other things that increase you specific income and helps you from other costs.

About me

I am a freshman at joliet west high school who is about to begin flying lessons so that i can take my first steps towards becoming a U.S. Airforce