My 6th grade science year

By Nathan chen

Earth Quake (Tony Stark)

This project was about how we could a build a safe hiuse for Tony. We were given a certain amount of resources to build a house that would hopefully withstand a shake test. During this project we had to do interviews and daily vlogs on our statis in the the project. In the end our house did survive the shake test.

Driving Question: How can we build a safe house for Tony Stark?

30 hands Nathan Chen

What I learned and What I enjoyed

During the course of this project I learned anout what things that the Earth helps us with or when we pollute it. The atmospere can help us a lot in this situation like global warming or the sun light that could be to harah for us. I found it very fun to make the slides in any way i want it for so i would be able to do what i want.

invention convention

Our project is helping to solve the problem of nonrenewable resources. Our invention will be using geographical uses to power the machine to create energy. This energy can be used for house hold life or anything using electricity.

How does it work?

The magma in the volcano will turn the water at the top into steam. The steam will rise up and spin a turbine to create the electricity. It will then be transported everywhere around the world for anything needing electricity