employment descrimination

recent employment descrimination act

sex discrimination!

In 2008 a woman was discriminated because she applied for a job as a mine worker in Mach mining in Marion Illinois, they did not give her the job due to her being a woman as they have never given a mining job to a female as they are sexist and believe that she cannot do the job as good as a male can do it.
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In 2011 equal employment opportunities commissions the federal agency that deals with discrimination in laws filed a suit against Mach mining for discrimination the said in an official quote “Women miners are out there, they were applying at Mach Mines, and they had a right to be considered on their qualifications and merits,”.
Woman should still have equal rights toward any job that they would like to apply for as it should not matter weather you are female or male weather or not you get a job that some people say is no right for a man so does that mean that a man can not be a cleaner or babysitter because they are of the male sex?? everyone should be treated equally not matter what the gender!