Zoologist and wildlife biologist

Sheridan Paul

What is zoology and wildlife biology?

Zoologists and wildlife biologists study organisms and their environment.

Responsibilities would be:

  • Overseeing the care of animals
  • Studying animals in their natural habitat
  • Inform public on conservation of animals and their environment


  • To examine the daily behaviors of bears in their natural habitat, looking for daily patterns and relationships with their surroundings.

  • To assist with bear research in the field, helping with tranquilizing, measuring and recording data.

  • To educate kids about the conservation of bears and their natural habitat, by giving a presentation at a school.

How I will achieve my goals:

I plan on achieving my goals by examining bears daily in their environment and keeping track of data about interactions. This means going out into the field and tracking bears that have been marked.
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Also by assisting with measurements of bears in the field and recording that data.
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Lastly, I will present my findings and talk about conservation of bears and their environment.
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