Ludwig Van Beethoven

1770-1827 by Marisa Birnbaum

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This is Beethoven, he was born in Germany, December 1770. he was one o seven children( only three survived) he loved his mother maria, but he was scared of his demanding, drunk father. At the age of seventeen Beethoven made his first trip to Vienna there he was quickly immersed. His stay in Vienna was cut short when his mother was dying so he went home to take care of his family. when his father died he went back o Vienna o continue his music.
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Map of Vienna

This is a map of Vienna where Beethoven moved to after his family had died. here in Vienna is where Beethoven started his music career. At the age of 28 he started to loose his hearing. Loosing his hearing did no stop him from composing, he listened to music thought the vibrations. As time passed he got more into his music he would often skip eating, he would not take any baths he would pour water on himself to get clean. Once a police man thought he was a tramp so he arrested Beethoven. his rooms were pile high with manuscripts. After Beethoven lost his hearing his temper rose, if anyone would interrupt him while he was in his room he would yell at them and throw hings at them to get out. even thought he was an angry man many people loved him and his music.
Beethoven Symphony No. 9 - Mvt. 4 - Barenboim/West-Eastern Divan Orchestra

Symphony No. 9

Symphony No. 9 was one of Beethoven's well know pieces an one o his last since it was finished 1824 just before he died. This was one the first pieces to include a choir, the music may sound vary familiar it sounds like " ode to joy". This pieces required Beethoven's orchestra, the Vienna music society and select group of capable amateurs .When Beethoven was doing a run through two years earlier Umlauf ( a composer) was watching, it was a disaster. So Umlauf helped Beethoven on stage.

Other Pieces

  • Opus 21: Symphony No. 1 in C major (composed 1799–1800, premièred 1800)
  • Opus 36: Symphony No. 2 in D major (composed 1801–02, premièred 1803)
  • Opus 55: Symphony No. 3 in E-flat major ("Eroica") (composed 1803/04, premièred 1805)
  • Opus 60: Symphony No. 4 in B-flat major (composed 1806, premièred 1807)


Beethoven was a great composer he lived to 57 years old. he composed lots of great symphony's, concertos, operas, etc. I don't know how many pieces he composed but he had so many i could not count them in a day. he lost his hearing when he was in his 20's but he did not stop composing he continued to write music. he died an angry man but that does not matter because everyone loved his music. his legacy was in his music.

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