3rd Grade

February Newsletter

Hello Parents!

Welcome to the 3rd grade newsletter! We will send this out every other week. We will include, important upcoming dates, any 3rd grade news, upcoming objectives for each subject, any celebrations, birthdays, and fun pictures!

Important Dates

1/31 PTA Movie Night @6:30

2/4 Progress Reports

2/7 Organisms and Environment Assessment

2/7 Fraction Assessment

2/10 Picture Day

2/14 Valentines Party



We need shoe boxes for a special science project! If you have any laying around we would love to take them off your hands! Just have your child bring them to school ASAP!

Valentines Day Party

We will have our Valentines Day Party on 2/14. Your child will need a Valentine box/bag. Must be able to fit on their desk. We also have plain white bags if you would like your child to decorate one of those!

A list of classroom names will be coming home with your child soon so they can complete their personalized Valentines at home! (this of course is optional)

PTA Movie Night

We will be watching Abominable!

When: Friday, Jan 31st (immediately after the General PTA Meeting at 6:00 PM)

Time: 6:30 PM

Where: Shepard Cafeteria

Concessions: Popcorn, Candy & Drinks - $1.00

Tickets will be passed out for admission and a drawing for movie goodies! The class with the most attendance wins a "Treat Party" from the PTA.

There will be two grades that win a Treat Party based on participation - one from K-2 and one from 3-5.

Other fun stuff...

  • A Red Carpet to make the kiddos feel special
  • Photo booth to ward off the papparazzi

Cookie Grams

Cookie Gram sales will take place from Jan 17 through Feb 7, only online at the Shepard PTA website. A gluten free option will be available.

Cookies are $6.00 each and this year the cookie will be hand delivered as a special treat to each kid in their class who's parent chooses to participate on Feb13th by their teacher.


Please please please help your child in remembering to take out the papers we send home. We are seeing several binders jammed packed with old graded papers and some binders are tearing on the pockets because of this!

What are we learning?


-Demonstrating and communicating knowledge of organisms and environments

Social Studies

-Students will learn that culture is the way of life of a group of people.

-Cultural heritage describes the traditions, customs, and artifacts of a cultural group such as stories, poems, songs, dance, art, foods, buildings, and celebrations.



-Data Analysis begins Feb 10

Reading and Language Arts:

- Informational text is writing that used to explain, describe, give information, or inform.

- Informational writing communicates ideas and information to specific audiences for specific purposes.

February Birthdays










KEEP PRACTICING those multiplication facts at home!

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