EduTyping Learning Resource

Online Keyboarding Program

EduTyping Overview

EduTyping is a web based application designed for teaching keyboarding in grades K-5 and can be accessed from any Internet-ready computer. Curriculum includes Course Lessons, Reinforcement, Timed Writings, and In the News.

How do I access EduTyping?

Edutyping requires no software installation and is compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems. To use EduTyping teachers and students only need access to the Internet using a major browser along with an Adobe Flash Player.

Log Into EduType

Instructors access a control center website to manage classes, run reports, access curriculum, and instructor resources. Staff and teachers log in by visiting the following url:, which can be accessed on the Digital Learning Resource website. Instructors will need to enter a license ID, username, and password to access the Edutyping Control Center.

BISD's Edutype license ID is birdv2. The teacher username format is b followed by their 5 digit employee id example: b12345. Teachers will use their 5 digit employee id followed by @Bisd for a password, example: 12345@bisd.

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Accessing Curriculum Content

Instructors can view, manage, print and create curriculum content by logging into the EduType Control Center. After logging in, educators can access both EduTyping Jr. (targeting K-5) and EduTyping (targeting advanced students) curriculum as a menu option, located as a top menu option. An Instructor's Curriculum Map & Assessment Guide is available for download along with additional add-on lessons.
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Manage EduTyping Classes

After logging into EduTyping, instructors can select Classes as a menu option to manage students, print student login cards, set both global and individual student preferences, set benchmarks, send messages to students, and set restrictions on lessons, sections, or games.

Additional Resources and Help

Access additional help features and printable help guides in the EduType Control Center on the home navigation page.
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Student Resources for Using EduType

View resources and a short video on how students navigate through EduType.
Students access EduType by visiting or by accessing the student link located on the Digital Learning Resource website. The student username format is BISD followed by their 6 digit lunchcode (example: bisd123456). The student password format is b followed by their 8 digit date of birth (mmddyyyy) example: b09161981.
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6 Student navigating through Edutype

Student Log In Directions

Print out student log in cards within EduType's Instructor Control Center.
3 Printing Student Log In Cards